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    I’d like to explain what a diminished value claim is. Say you were in the market for a vehicle. There are two seemingly identical vehicles available to you. Same year, make, model and mileage for both; the only difference is one has been involved in an accident. The other vehicle has not. Would you pay the same amount for the two vehicles? If not, which one would you pay more for? It’s safe to[...]

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    Uninsured Motorist or UM Coverage is probably the most important auto coverage you should purchase, especially in Florida. That’s because UM pays for your personal injury losses in case someone with no insurance crashes into you. Remember that Florida does not require automobile owners to purchase liability insurance in case they hurt someone else in an accident. So imagine your driving down [...]

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    Buying appropriate auto insurance in Florida can be complicated and difficult. One of the main reasons for this is that Florida has very low auto insurance coverage requirements. While other states require drivers to purchase auto insurance that covers multiple potential losses, Florida only requires drivers to purchase two types of auto insurance coverage, the rest is all optional. This can [...]

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